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Equipment Purchases

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Equipment Purchases Vide
PostSubject: Equipment Purchases   Equipment Purchases I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 4:00 pm

Your equipment is one of the most important areas you need to focus on when your playing the mobsters game. Without the proper equipment you will fall victim ot every mobster that comes your way. The general set up is one weapon, armor and vehicle for each member of your mob. This will be limited by the above rule of 5 members for your level. Again using the above example, If you are a level 20 you are limited to 100 mob members who can fight. There fore you are limited to 100 vehicles, weapons and armor for each off those members. If you purchase more you are wasting your money and could be better served saving that cash. Of course all the weapons and other equipment you buy is limited by your amount of income each hour. If you have a high income you can afford the very best in weapons. I use two sets of weapons; one set is for attack, and the other for defense. The game will use the best weapons in your arsenal to attack and defend. That means for my level 100 I have five hundred ballistic missile launchers, and five hundred rpg’s. Each ahs different attack and defense values and I utilize that to make my mobster as strong as possible. Every person is not going to be able to afford all those weapons to start out with. I suggest you buy for lower levels the AK 47’s since the have no upkeep each hour. You just have the up front cost of the weapons. Buy the armor available that you can afford and do the same with the vehicles. You will not want to use ambulance as part of your fighting fleet, but as add-ons. By using the AK’s and not spending all your cash on the big weapons you will earn more money and be able to grow your income faster. When you finally get enough income to purchase and handle the upkeep for the weapons you can move right into the mini guns. Mini guns are the best value for your dollar and after all the new weapons and such added to the game in the recent past, mini guns remain the top gun. The choice is totally up tO you what you choose, but I will say that buying expensive weapons before you’re able to adequately afford them will make your game progress slower. You will also find that you make it to higher levels and not able to compete with others on your level due to low bounty amount and low cash.
There are every so often new weapons added to the available arsenal for you to choose from using your godfather points. Feel free to get them, and added advantage you can get will help. The will undoubtedly help you win more attacks and sustain less damage while doing so. You will need to keep an eye out in the equipment section of the game to purchase these weapons, and there is usually a very limited number available.
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Equipment Purchases Vide
PostSubject: Re: Equipment Purchases   Equipment Purchases I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 08, 2009 6:38 pm

the idea is to have the best offensive and defensive possible available at the time and if anyone wants help on that please see me theemobstah made man all time PA lol
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Equipment Purchases

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