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Billion Dollar LVL 1 in 10 Days

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Billion Dollar LVL 1 in 10 Days Vide
PostSubject: Billion Dollar LVL 1 in 10 Days   Billion Dollar LVL 1 in 10 Days I_icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 8:56 am

This is a comprehensive step by step guide to making your very own Myspace Mobsters Bounty Hunter in less than 10 days. This Mobsters bounty hunter is designed to also be able to not level at all and be as strong as possible at level 1 in Mobsters. Everyone knows that Myspace Mobsters is filled with these bounty hunters that sit there vulching other mobsters hits and all you can do is sit there and curse them because they are only level 1 and you are not allowed to fight thtem back. What is the secret to making these low level mobsters bounty hunters? Here is a simple mobsters guide to get you on the right track and open your mobsters world up to new heights.

I decided to Add the 2nd option for Hunting at level one which i personally use
I still do the same with Properties as stated Below. But with this way your able to
start hunting alot earlier. Since there is’nt as long of a wait for income to buy
weapons ect. And there is absolutely no way you can be leveled whatsoever.
Its at the bottom of this post. Sorry for neglecting the post. Also Be on the lookout
for Go from level 20 to level 400 in 14 days without riding the hitlist

Starting out-
First off You wanna start fresh with just yourself as mob just in case u get attacked so
your chances of gaining exp are greatly reduced since you are not going to have any weapons
at all for the first fourteen days. Make a new myspace if you have too it will help greatly
in the long run. Now that you did that if need be your gonna wanna pick a name for you mob
me personally i would pick something that doesn’t beg to be attacked but to each his own.
After that step is done you then come to the part where u pick your class for this guide to
get you to a level 1 bounty hunter that doesn’t level up in 14 days u need to Select Tycoon
as your class. Tycoons get income every 55 minutes as opposed to 60 minutes which comes out
to be 2 more payments a day and over the course of the 14 days thats an extra 28 payments
which comes out to be over a days pay. After you’ve selected your class your in game from
then on. You don’t wanna do any missions what so ever because you will gain experience and level
up, and also do not fight anyone until day 14 after weapons are purchased.

[]Start- Income $0 Cash $2000 Lot: 0 TownHome: 0 Restaurant: 0
First thing you wanna do is go to the Godfather Tab, there u will have 10 Godfather Points to spend
“The Godfather offers you $10,000 for 10 favor points” is what we’re interested in. redeem those
Points For $10000 Giving you a total of 12000$. After Redeeming the “points” make your way to the
“Territory” tab. From here Buy 2 Vacant Lots increasing income to $200 every 55 minutes or 5200$ a
day. Good your done for the day don’t spend the leftover $2000, Sign out of myspace and come back in
24hrs. Alternatively to waiting for your cash to build up u can earn/buy godfather points to speed
this process up. Thats what i did and i shaved a considerable amount of time off this process. But
you still wanna put money into territories as outlined here.
[]2nd Logon- Income $200 Cash $7400 Lot: 2 TownHome: 0 Restaurant: 0
Now Buy 1 Lot
Signout wait 30hrs.
[]3rd Logon- Income $300 Cash $10000 Lot: 3 TownHome: 0 Restaurant: 0
Buy 1 Townhome
Signout wait 31hrs.
[]4th Logon- Income $500 Cash $17000 Lot: 2 TownHome: 1 Restaurant: 0
Buy 1 Townhome(first!)
Buy 1 Lot
Signout wait 27hrs.
[]5th Logon- Income $800 Cash $24000 Lot: 2 TownHome: 2 Restaurant: 0
Buy 2 Townhomes
Signout wait 26hrs.
[]6th Logon- Income $1200 Cash $35000 Lot: 0 TownHome: 4 Restaurant: 0
Buy 1 Lot
Buy 1 Restaurant
Signout wait 24hrs.
[]7th Logon- Income $1900 Cash $50000 Lot: 0 TownHome: 4 Restaurant: 1
Buy 10 Lots
Signout wait 25hrs.
[]8th Logon- Income $2900 Cash $80000 Lot: 10 TownHome: 4 Restaurant: 1
Buy 2 Restaurants
Buy 1 Townhome
Signout wait 25hrs.
[]9th Logon- Income $4300 Cash $92000 Lot: 7 TownHome: 5 Restaurant: 3
Buy 3 Restaurants
Signout wait 36hrs.
[]10th Logon- Income $6100 Cash $250000 Lot: 4 TownHome: 5 Restaurant: 6
Buy 1 storefront
Buy 1 condo complex.
Signout wait 48hrs.
[]11th Logon- Income $11400 Cash $555000 Lot: 4 TownHome: 5 Restaurant: 6 Storefront: 0 Condo: 1
Now Comes the fun part Equip your mob with 5 AK-47,5 Bulletproof vests, 5 Escalades. After thats
done Accept your 4+ requests to join your mob that you have waiting, and if not hurry up and
find some more members cause your not ready to bounty hunt yet. And if you only have 5 members
i would hurry up and find at least 10 more just in case the unthinkable happens and you come
across someone else similarly equipped with a grudge against you.

Tips on spotting the right bounties
At level 1 theres little competition over the lower level bounties but u can see all bounties
some of which u will lose against. and others that will level u up in no time if u attack. Your
Mobster is “exp” resistant with this setup but not “exp proof”, this means u need to keep a “keen
eye to whats going on. Look for levels/Bounty Price to see what level your attacking. Stay above level
5 if at all possible. Also the amount of the bounty is a dead giveaway, lower bounty better
chance of you gaining experience. Also keep in mind if you die at level 1 u lose 0 exp so death
will not help u stay level 1.

And for all still wonder why would u wanna be level 1 anyways
simply put if wanna “dish it out and not take it” ie hit list people at higher levels without
retribution, a level 1 can’t be hit listed by anyone over level 2, but can hit list anyone at any level.
And building a good income early on at a low level puts you ahead of the game if u do end up
taking it to the next level later on. And also some of the Made men top bounty hunters are level 1
so this method is tried and tested, there are level 1’s with over 2000+ bounty kills.

Final Thoughts
This system works really well for shooting for the made men list for bounties if you have the
patience for it. But theres a couple other things u wanna do to ensure that it still works for
a long time to come. Firstly when not hunting u need to sell off your Ak-47’s,Vests,Escalades,
this will help to ensure that if anyone attacks you the chance of losing is increased meaning
no gain of experience. And second your gonna wanna find some people to hit list, this will help
to keep the level 1 bounty hunters going. When hit listing your gonna wanna hit list level 3’s and

Edit: You may wanna copy/paste this into a text file, and the reason i put the []’s in is so u can
put an “[x]” in there so not to lose your place

************************************************** ************************************************
The absolutely no exp way.

Using this method You need a mob of 1, Yourself only. This will change the max damage you can do
barehanded from 29 to 2. If your attacked by anyone with or without a weapon you will lose. If you attack
anyone that has weapon(s) You will lose. But anyone you fight with no weapons and a mob of 1 you will
win dealing 1-2 damage and taking 0. That being said i need to point out some of the finer points.
If you manage to only do barehanded vs barehanded fighting alot of the time you wont even need
cash to heal when your attacking since you’ll take 0 damage. But thats not always the case since someone
with a weapon is gonna deal 29 damage to you, at most you can do 3 attacks in a row.

Ok first off you need enough income to heal. I would still follow the steps from the above guide as far
as properties go. From the moment you start you will be able to heal once an hour or so just off the
two vacant lots. And if you get lucky and claim a bounty then put the cash into some real estate.
Once your able to heal yourself hundreds of times an hour off your income your set nothing to worry

I personally stopped hunting on my level one since they’re are’nt may bounties down there that are
as high as my hourly income. But i do see the occasional level 1’s and 2’s go up for billions.

And also i Prefer the 1st method over this one but, keep in mind they’re are people at level one
making millions and if you score a big hit, dont be surprised if you get hitlisted by some angry person
for god knows what reason.
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Billion Dollar LVL 1 in 10 Days

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